Nails Inc with InStyle

This month’s InStyle Mag came free with your choice of 3 exclusive nail polish shades. I wouldn’t call any of the colours ground breaking, but at £3.70 a pop it’s a real bargain for Nails Inc fans! I wanted all 3 shades which meant picking up 3 copies! I hate being wasteful, so I popped into my doctor’s office and donate 2 of the copies for the waiting room. I wish I’d donated all 3, because I flicked through the last mag and there wasn’t a single thing to interest me in it! The articles were boring, and my idea of affordable fashion is not £400 dresses! Anyway… on to the nail polish!

Fashion Fawn, 3 coats. A nice, safe neutral – good for office workers and the like. This was fairly sheer, and took 3 coats for full opacity and chipped after 24 hours. Meh.

Electric Teal, 2 coats. Lovely teal colour, makes my skin look a little sickly though, and stained my skin slightly. This was a little streaky, could probably have done with a third coat to even things out.

Candy Orange,  3 coats. My favourite of the bunch! I got many compliments on this one. It’s a lot brighter than I expected it to be, and was also thick and streaky. I found that it didn’t really flow properly on my nail and it caused some bald spots, but a few drops of thinner really helped! Sorry about the streak on my ring finger, I applied this in a hurry for the swatch, also note the staining to the skin on my middle finger from electric teal!


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