Topshop Sunshine

I am a big fan of Topshop polishes and have been since they first released their cosmetics line! I have a few other colours to show you but today I wanted to wear Sunshine! This is a part of their limited edition S/S release titled “Sandstorm”. I was disappointed when I first saw this in my local store as it is 6ml for £5, which is the same price as their regular line but containing 2ml less product! I fell in love with the colour but I walked away empty handed that day as I loathed the idea of paying the same for less product! I later snagged this from a livejournal selling community for £4, which was more palatable!

The colour is a gorgeous yellow with just enough orange to stop it clashing too badly with my skin – I love it! Unfortunately the formula is pretty streaky. What you see above is 3 coats and the coverage is still uneven! I don’t fault Topshop for this one, yellows are notoriously streaky throughout the nail polish kingdom!

Topshop makeup can be bought in select Topshop stores or at


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