Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Failure

I have been interested in the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range since I first heard about it a while ago over at ALU. Here is what the Boots website has to say (The Sally Hansen website is severely out of date!):

“Sally Hansen introduces Complete Salon Manicure, an extraordinary new nail enamel that delivers a complete salon manicure in every bottle. Amazingly, it’s a base and top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and salon-inspired colour all in one!

Thanks to its exclusive, patented, micro-encapsulated time-release technology, Complete Salon Manicure delivers the ultimate treatment, ultimate colour impact and perfect saoln-finish manicure that lasts up to ten days. Have it all in one bottle!”

So, it claims to be an all in one product (strengthener, base, colour and top coat) and I love anything that can shave off a few steps – I’m just far too lazy! They also claim that the Complete Salon Manicure range offers up to 10 days wear time. I had decided to put that to the test, but I don’t think I’ll bother after the application issues I’ve experienced.

Shall we start with the positives? I like the brush. It is flat, fat and has a rounded tip. It makes it really easy to do a neat job, and just look at how pretty it is! That’s about where the positives stop for me. The first thing I noticed is that without my ridge filling base you could see every ridge in my nail through the 3 coats it took for full opacity! The second thing I noticed is that there was a certain amount of drag at the cuticle which was causing bald spots. Third point is that without my usual quick dry top coat my manicure was smudged within minutes of finishing up!

After half an hour I couldn’t cope with the smudges any more so I removed everything only to be greeted with yellow nails! Um… WHAT?! My nails shouldn’t be this stained after half an hour! I should have been more skeptical, but unfortunately I had been caught up in the hype of the product! Unfortunately for me the returns policy for cosmetics in Boots (and most other stores) is not that great, so I will most likely be unable to get a refund for this awful product. I will be writing to both Sally Hansen and Boots to see if anything can be done because I am extremely unimpressed, but in the mean time does anyone have any tips for getting rid of this staining?


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