Models Own Purple Smash Up

Models own released a couple of new Smash Up colours recently in orange, pink and purple online, with the pink and purple popping up in Boots stores shortly after. I decided to pick up the purple one with my advantage card points. Months and months ago Models Own released an image with 9 differently coloured crackles, but for some reason they are staggering the release and I don’t really get why. By the time the rest of the colours are released the trend will be long over!

When I first got this I was excited by all the colour combos I could try, I am going to have a lot of fun with this! First up was over Nails Inc Candy Orange, isn’t it marvellous? I wasn’t sure how to feel about it initially, it didn’t quite crackle the way I wanted it to, I mean, check out that fail on my ring finger! But the longer I wear it the more it has grown on me! I’ve put up pics of both hands because there was also a really cool chevron type crackle on the middle finger of my right hand 😀

What do you think? Are crackles over now?


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